Sunlu pla temperature reddit fahrenheit. Anyhow, as far as the prints go: First layer.

Sunlu pla temperature reddit fahrenheit. I ended up using 220/60 for temps.

Sunlu pla temperature reddit fahrenheit. Same brand ,same kinda but different colors of filament could use different temperature, make sure to adjust accordingly. IsittoLOUD. Printed the CN Tower in Sunlu Silk Silver with no problems on my Ender 3. I'm going to bump to 215 and lower retraction and see if that helps. Also as stated try less walls and print some infill in that area. If the temp is too high, the molten plastic will just ooze out of the nozzle. Changing the infill density from 20% to 75%. 2mm. Slow down outer wall speed, I have it at 150mm/s. When the print is done and the bed is cooled, Bambu filament is still stuck to the printer. I then proceeded to print about 600g of busts and cat food toys without a single issue. Sunlu is one of the worst manufacturers. Plus my latest Sunlu order came in a Bambu Labs box that was sized for filiment reels. Nozzle (Print) Temperature – 215 to 235 degrees Celsius. Save big by wholesale 3D filament in PLA bundles and other 3D filament bundles. SUNLU S9+ (S9 Plus) 3D Printer, combine with Filament Dryer S1. The correct temperature is whatever works for you. Almost all FDM 3D printers can print with PLA. 210 seems to a good temperature before it starts stringing. Jan 15, 2021 · Modify temperature. You touch it and it breaks loool I only have experience with silk pla from sunlu as well. I've changed the flow to 104% which give me the best results. Also changed fan duct. •. Bed at 60. Finally figured how to print PLA Silk, results are so worth it! Filament: eSun PLA Silk Green Gold Black. Sunlu has a little rounding to it. 6%, which is unparalleled in the PLA family. Hey Guys, I recently bought some Sunlu PLA+ and I’m having a lot of trouble printing with it. I got even better results with their PLA META. 220 should be fine. Plus, PLA Meta boasts a Elongation at break of 17% while that of PLA and PLA+ is 3. It doesn't only depend on the material, but also the brand, color other additives, ambient temperature, bed surface, thermistor offset and many other variables. I ended up using 220/60 for temps. I'll keep bumping up otherwise. But having dry filament will save a lot of headaches. The SUNLU S2 Filament Dryer is compatible with 99% of FDM 3D printer materials regardless of brand, diameter Fresh stuff is much more pliable and less strained in the spool. 75 mm, similar to the Sunlu PLA, ensure that you configure the My experience with Sunlu PLA+ has been rather poor, it seems to print with PET-G temps if it consistently prints at all, personally I avoid Sunlu nowadays, my advice is if you can return it do so and get normal PLA, I've been testing the Eryone PLA the last few months seems to work quite well with the Copper Silk one. When I use, for example, eSun PLA+, I have no such problems. This is on the stock hot end though. The temperature of heated bed should be high enough to keep the initial layer of filament within glass transition zone. 4 Profile build an enclosure or lower your bed's temperature. I printed a Temp Tower and set the temperature correctly but still, the prints are failing. Increasing temperature makes it 10 times worse! I've got a roll of blue that works just fine at 210c SunLu is pretty goopy but not too bad. 4mm extraction distance 40mm/s print speed Have you checked your e-step settings? Oct 11, 2023 · Pricing, availability, and color options. 1mm. 180 minutes: 68C below spool, 64C at humidity sensor. So just mess around with it a bit and see what works best. I needed a filament dryer for PLA and ran across the Sovol SH01. I’m starting to print with nylon and would like to increase the drying temperature beyond the standard limit of 55 degrees C. My print got completely melted when I made a holder for abs acetone baths. This is apparently a common problem. I’ve printed in the last 2years about 10kg of Sunlu PLA in various colors and I’m very satisfied. It seems to help prevent nozzle clogging and extruder jamming at higher speeds. Retraction Speed: 45 mm/s. It's very easy to work with and makes outstanding prints. The unit had decent reviews, has a fan, and can dry two spools at a time which is nice. I’ve been using the S1 dryer for awhile, I’ve added a circulation fan with thermal switch, hygrometer, desiccant, etc. 4 nozzle. I print most of my PLA at 210 with my all metal hot end, but the temp tower showed that 185 is the best temp for Sunlu Meta Black. Print Speed – 50 to 100 millimeters per second. 2mm nozzle and Cura as the slicer. I print a lot with Bambu PLA-CF and about to try their PETG-CF. Although the name implies it is another type of PLA, it has printing properties very different from PLA or PLA+. Changed temperature to lower than suggested by Sunlu [ 210-235 ]. I've used sunlu pla and it prints fine. I also use a lot of Matte from Sunlu and Bambu. Given appearances, I'd run another temp tower that has some bits you can break off. I dried the filament overnight and let it run while printing. I actually got some SunLu PLA Plus as well and had a horrible experience with getting good adhesion. The dryer uses two heating elements that turn moisture into vapor, which is discharged through the filament outlet. Thanks! I print pla+ at 210 pretty well. 2. 75 mm. Buy in bulk and enjoy competitive prices for top quality filaments. Ideal room temperatures for Bambu / PLA printing. 99/kg with sixty color options. To be honest am not even convinced my printer is showing correct temperature. It work's fine beside of some stringing. You may notice this as your hot-end heats up waiting to start the print. If the previous used filament was with higher temperature without being flushed out, more than likely it can cause clogging 125 minutes: 66C below spool, 62C at humidity sensor. Bringing the raft spacing to the print down to 0. When I published my review, the SUNLU PLA Plus 3D filament was available starting from $13. What is the recommended temperature range provided by sunlu? Because ive had some surprisingly good results lowering my temps to 195 (altho it is a different brand) Also, from the photo 205 looks to have less stringing in the bridging parts compared to 210. Jan 11, 2024 · Such recommendations simplify the setup and help you select the appropriate temperature for drying PLA, ABS, and PETG on the go. Don't bother varying the temperature to see if that changes the colour like some other filaments do; it doesn't work with Sunlu woodfill. Hey Everyone, I’ve been having issues with my Ender 3 trying to print Sunlu pla black filament Current settings: Layer: 0. Adhesion. Layer Height: 0. I have massive stringing. Sunlu PLA+ with brim warping on glass, 205/55 C, Ender 3 Pro, Default Cura 4. temp tryed 200-230. Never had any adhesion issues related to the filament, clogs or breaks. Chiming in - I had the same issue with Sunlu rainbow PLA+. 4mm nozzle. Filament Diameter – 1. PLA is a product derived from natural crops like corn, unlike other polymer plastics. I had no other issues with PLA and ABS from other vendors, so I'm pretty sure I used the Sunlu Filadryer S2, and I see why people are concerned about the lack of the fan. As expected it cant really reach the advertised 70C, but with the temp sensor being moved to the top it can get way higher. Is this a fine operating temperature for the machine / printing? Mine is fine in my uninsulated garage Lower fan to 25% or less. My problem is that it's not acetone resistant as pla should be. Also flush out previous filament as much as possible. According to Reddit, SUNLU is considered a reputable brand. SPLA is a filament type offered by SunLu. Silk PLA (Sunlu) over-adhesion question. I still have a glass bed that is pretty bad in shape so i run my at 60 degrees with glue stick for adhesion, and printing temp around 185-190. I'm not sure what the gold standard for filament dryers is, but I'll let the print speak for I think Bambu Labs PLA is Sunlu PLA+. I've changed the nozzle temperature from 200-220. Bed Temperature – 60 to 80 degrees Celsius (or Jan 19, 2023 · We have listed the optimal settings for Sunlu PETG below, taken directly from the manufacturer’s website: Nozzle (Print) Temperature – 220 to 250 degrees Celsius. May 29, 2019 · PLA+ is as easy to print as PLA, but you will need to use a higher extrusion temperature, the minimum recommended for Sunlu filament being 205°, compared to 190° in general for classic PLA filament. They then recommended printing at a smaller layer height, go from 0. I think it also goes up at first for me and then down later. But I need the same filament more resistant. Short of company conformation (or chemical analysis) hard to say for sure, but just saying it seems likely. Two devices with the same issue sounds strange to me. The photos attached are printed after calibrations, printed at 220C, MFV 21mm 3/s, 70% aux fan. With sunlu pla+ on my Ender 5 with the creality glass bed I have to do 245/70 to get it to print REALLY good. I use hot end temps of 210-215° with a bed of 65° Reply Hi, I've got some Sunlu PLA + lately. Wasted a lot of filament experimenting. Hi guys, I tried a normal pla plus from sunlu and I love it. Print some small flat test pieces and experiment. And still, each time, some part curls or becomes unadhered. Anyhow, as far as the prints go: First layer. It's not a far fetched possibility that sensor is off by 10° or more. I am looking for some baseline Temp settings for the Nozzle and Textured PEI Plate. 15mm or 0. But wanted to get Orange, which is where the problems started. When it goes through, every time it pushes brown burnt melted Using a raft. Lower temperature (195°C) and speed can be set > 250 mm/s. $99. I've used Sunlu wood filament, and it does contain wood fibres, but not very much. Just bought some of the eSun tough Pla that seems to be similar to that meta filament and it appears to just use standard profiles it’s more about how it bonds together with the other layers. Bed Temperature – 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. The biggest problem I have is that the extruder doesn’t feed the filament properly. I've had success with inland pla and eSun PLA+. I've tried all calibrations in Orca Slicer and still not getting any better result. You can see the results I got with the the Sunlu S2. Here we discuss everything related to Bambu Lab 3D printers. I use Sunlu all the time on all my printers 200 nozzle and 60 bed. I've had good luck with Sunlu especially their meta. I run my Esun pla+ a little higher at 210. Using the plate with PLA may result in slower print times if you disable the calibration (haven't tested this personally so not 100% sure) or over/under extrusion if the test actually provides false readings. Jan 26, 2024 · • Sunlu PLA+, Black made it to 18-19mm³/s, K-Value 0,031, Flow Ratio 0,976 • Sunlu PLA Matte, Blue made it to 21mm³/s, K-Value 0,022, Flow Ratio 0,980 • Creality Ender PLA, Grey made it to 18mm³/s, K-Value 0,023, Flow Ratio 0,985; Note: almost all the time the temperature range is on a sticker on the spool ! I personally print Sunlu PLA @225. Don’t think it will print much faster than Pla+ or Pla pro as those have a lot of flow additives already. I tried out my first roll of Silk PLA yesterday (using my standard PLA temp settings 210 Nozzle, 65 bed). (I usually print at 70 °C, and raise to 80 °C when meet issues. Sunlu recommended printing at a higher temperature, which didn't help. Gluing the print to the raft. Comparing the matte white sunlu to the Bambu Labs they look/act identical. 45mm Retraction Speed is 45mm/s Temperature is 195c Anyone had luck with Sunlu black pla plus? I just cannot stop stringing pic is at 195c 7mm retraction and 35mm/s print speed. SmokestackRising. Bambu prints that test strip like a ribbon, completely flat. I was thinking about making a raspberry pico board to run the whole thing, but was Jayo is 100% Sunlu Filament - same Company Temperature is set to 220°C, Speed has to be below 250 mm/s for larger prints. Also, I can regularly pick it up on sale for 70% the cost of other brand standard filament (that recurring sale price for Sunlu PLA+ is $14/kg, by the way). Then regardless of temperature you are told to use, you go with the one you know works. I picked up 10kg on a deal of their regular pla. In addition, PLA Meta demonstrates preeminent melt fluidity, enabling 3D printers to achieve an ultra-fine layer resolution of 0. Especially when using basic PLA, Matte, PETG, and ASA. I notice it starts grinding, so I remove the filament and push it through with a separate piece. It seems to clog and burn. 1% and 3. ) My plan for the weekend is to troubleshoot that, as not sure if it's an issue with the filament itself or whether its down to a few tweaks I made to the printer after finishing that first spool. 2 Retraction:5mm Retraction speed: 50mm/s 210 nozzle 60 bed Model bullet bill (end cap) Sunlu is good filament, my current favorite in fact. Discussion. Note that I print with a 0. . Filaments brands I find are a personal choice. It's had terrible bed adhesion, and is constantly beading, I had to up the flow to 175 to stop getting the stringy gaps. It took the humidity from 56% down to 21%. hastnfrosch. Really good filament otherwise. (for PLA at least My box said 195-220, but it worked all the way down to 180. The mechanical properties (flexibility Was at 200. Do not purchase Sunlu PLA. Pretty sure they just took the sticker off of one of their PLA rolls and just updated it to say PETG because I have transparent Sunlu PLA, and it says the same 190-220C for temperature. Usually no issues at 210 nozzle and 60 bed. You should always do a temp tower when trying a new filament, and also make sure it's dry. Bed Temperature: 55°C. Did not measure temp before moving the sensor, but the Reply. printer Longer lk4 pro. They had good reviews and Hatchbox was out of stock. According to the manufacturer, the new SUNLU filament dryer box supports temperatures from 113 to 158 ℉ (45 to 70 ℃). Try thicker layer height, try thicker line width (with a 0. 99. 99/kg) cheaper per kg and is available in 26 colors. 0. General solution is to dry your filament out. I have never had as much trouble from a roll of Affectionate_Fox1441. What do you mean by fluctuate? It's normal that the humidity changes over time. The camber temperature never exceeded 40C Bought some of the "meta" not realizing it was not standard PLA or PLA+. Rick91981. Looking on the webpage, it gives the following, but I still have 1st layer defects. My print temps are usually around 205-210 for a 0. I'm no expert, but I've recently found these settings provide my most successful prints using 1. 4mm retraction distance, 45mm/sec retraction speed. Got my ender 3 pro 2 months ago and only printing with sunlu pla+ (after the sample of crealitys pla runs out). I got a bundle of four rolls of 200 grams each, there was silk gold, copper, white, and pink they all behaved the same way and are useless for anything functional and anything that’s gna be touched😂 So to be quick, I started with Sunlu PLA+ Orange. 99 – $169. PLA+ is PLA that has been enhanced by adding modifiers during PLA synthesis. Jan 19, 2023 · For Sunlu PLA Plus (PLA+), the recommended values by the manufacturer are a print temperature range of 215℃-235℃, a print speed of 50-100 mm/s, and a bed temperature of 60℃-80℃ (or no bed heating). Stringing at any temperature - I had it at everywhere between 195 (way low for PLA+) and 230 (the max it said to do on the spool) and it stringed constantly. Thus, I recommend it to anyone who asks. I've ran it at 220 with very little stringing, very little. It does take stains, some better than others, some poorly. This usually means more than 60 °C for PLA (between 50 °C - 80 °C depending on contents). I recently purchased three rolls of PLA from Sunlu. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable. I like the grey PLA+ for printing gargoyles because the color's perfect for them. SPLA requires higher extrusion and bed temperatures than PLA, and requires slower print speeds. I think 215 looks best if you are up to cleaning the stringing. Usually for PLA somewhere between 50-70C should be the sweet spot. I've been using previously regular Sunlu PLA without issues even the marble one, worked perfectly. You might get better help if you gave SOME info, such as printer, possible mods, slicer, actual temps and settings. Temperature will also affect stringing. After 3 days the fan went nuclear and needed to be replaced. 210 looked ever so slightly better. 4mm nozzle: 200C nozzle temp 45C bed temp 7. My go to filaments are Sunlu, then Bambu, then others. Sunlu will detach as the bed cools and the pieces slide off easily. I like Sunlu PLA+ a lot. Current specs: ENDER 3 S1, using a 0. Hello, Due to the noise and distraction, I am thinking of moving my bambu labs x1c to the basement which is a steady 61-62 degrees Fahrenheit 16C. calibrated e steps, retractions, flow. What one likes, another will not. Since the filament diameter of the Sunlu PLA Plus (PLA+) is also a standard 1. I use Sunlu and bambu for 90% of all my prints. Otherwise the flow is too low. 4 nozzle 0. 155 minutes: 67-68C below spool, 63C at humidity sensor. It's the first time I tried any Sunlu filament and it's giving me some hard time atm. Just wondering if anyone has a problem with the white sunlu pla plus, as I seem to have problems with printing at any temperature with it. 14. 16 mm (with a standard 0. 4 mm nozzle) Retraction Distance: 1 mm. Print Speed: 50 mm/s. Reply. I am printing Blue Sunlu PETG as we speak and the recommended temp is 230-250C (I'm printing at 240). Had a heck of a time dialing it in on me E3 max. I tried 200 and even 185, 190. Print slower, petg does better when printed slower. Sunlu PLA+ is also stronger than PLA. 8mm nozzle and I suspect that larger nozzles reduce the negative affect of steam pops. 5mm. Print Temperature: 215°C. You get what you pay for. 75mm PLA through a . In my case I can still print with it, but steam pops while printing reduce the quality a bit. I get best results at a hot end temperature of 195°C and high retraction which in my case is an over-enthusiastic 6. I just adjust the temperature (and bump the temp up by 10C when printing faster). I've adjusted the initial bed temperature from 60 to 90 and haven't noticed any changes . Jun 7, 2023 · Its printing temperature is as low as 185-195°C. Wet filament will require a higher temperature and print with poorer quality Here, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals gather to discuss, troubleshoot, and explore everything related to 3D printing with the Ender 3. Its most popular types of products are: 3D Printers (#23 of 49 brands on Reddit) 3D Printing Filaments (#2 of 4 brands on Reddit) If you'd like to summon me to ask about a product, just make a post with its link and tag me, like in this example. cura latest ver. I currently only print PLA and am a beginner. I use SunLu PLA+ almost exclusively and I have never had any issues with it, it is currently my filament of choice. I was very impressed with how nice the texture of it was, and was pretty excited about the quality of the print I had made, until I realized it wasn't going to come off of my smooth glass bed without Discussion. There is no difference in the temperature of the platen, and you can also print it without a heating platen. As its melting point is low, PLA is very easy to print. 30 hours I have a Question about using Sunlu PLA PLUS on the Bambu X1C and AMS. Until recently I would try to guess best temperature across different prints and box values were used as good starting point. 2mm to 0. Haven't tested that yet to see if it fixes it. When they arrived I found a card promising a $10 Amazon gift card if I reviewed them 5 stars. See the discussion here about Sunlu PLA Meta a 180-195 temperature filament. 2 layer height. My settings with a direct drive setup are as follows: Retraction Distance is 0. Nothing else compares at that value. Filament currently using: Sunlu PLA+ Gold, but had same issue with White Ender 3 Pro, glass bed, standard hotend. Other ideas. Sep 12, 2023 · The S2 FilaDryer monitors in real-time the inside humidity and allows temperature level setting between 35℃ and 70℃. I always print in sunlu PLA+ and petg, loving it! The best speed is standard, but it can also handle sport and ludoucris mode just fine! Just asking since 70° Fahrenheit is roughly 20° Celsius and the device can be set to display both. I haven’t used it in a while but I printed a temperature tower to determine my nozzle and bed temp to use. In retrospect I should have sent them back right then. Printed at 205C @0. Euphoric_Reserve7799. The material settings should be somewhat the same as bambu lab PLA Basic. 5 line width helped with some of my prints). Sep 12, 2023 · Below are the Cura print settings we recommend for printing PLA Plus (PLA+) with a Direct Drive extruder Ender 3, which only includes the Ender 3 S1 series. Extremely weak. I found the unit on Amazon during a lightning deal and ordered one up. Sunlu pla plus issue. For me I opened the drop down, and selected “Generic PLA Silk”. The standard PLA is 1$ ( $12. There are also available 6KG bundles for a more friendly price. It sounds mighty, and Gambody will test the S2 power. How do you about this same pla with 15-25% carbon fiber? Its really different? Its really more resistant? The resistance is in temperature too? EDIT: I discovered that the carbon fiber has not a better layer adhesion. Get a filament dryer. 05mm. Whether you're looking for guides on calibration, advice on modding, or simply want to share your latest 3D prints on the Ender 3, this subreddit is your go-to hub for support and inspiration. Gluing the print to the bed. ic us az tj je ou ti tw cl nr